MarbleSil® has endless possibilities; wall coverings, flooring, upholstery, homeware and many more diverse applications.

MarbleSil® - artwork

MarbleSil can be used for abstract art. Bringing colour and interest into any room. Created using moulds or canvas, MarbleSil artwork can fill any space.

Marblesil® - furniture

MarbleSil can also be used to bring furniture and work surfaces to life. Using bespoke moulds, MarbleSil can created to any desired shape.

MarbleSil® - Colour

Using a RAL chart, clients can choose desired colours that will be mixed by hand and incorporated into each bespoke design. When working with the team to create the perfect colour palette, a sample service can be provided.

Marblesil® - Staircase

This staircase is created by using carpet backed MarbleSil that has been applied to specific areas for ultimate design impact. Showing a one of a kind, bespoke feature within interior design.

Hannah Williams is a bespoke material design company that specialises in handmade marbled silicone products.



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