MarbleSil Artwork


Each piece of MarbleSil artwork is completely bespoke. All colours are created by hand and the free-flowing silicone creates its one movement, making each piece of art one of a kind. For bespoke products email

Not only is MarbleSil art bold with colour and pattern it is also extremely tactile. A definite conversation starter and a focal point for any space.

All artwork is waterproof, heat proof and does not support bacterial growth, making it great for indoor or outdoor areas.

Size: Wall Covering – (170 cm x 274cm x 1.5cm)

Colour: Bright blue, pale blue, deep blue, navy and bronze

MarbleSil Artwork had been developed by Hannah Williams when she was studying womenswear at the Royal College of Art.  Her love for sculpture was poignant within her fashion design, she worked sculpturally and moulded silicone, plaster and acrylic onto live models, drawing away from the mundane routine of fashion.  She was inspired by the Ziegfeld Follies and their elaborate costumes. Williams then started to look at the architectural buildings the follies would perform in and found the vast amount of beautiful, intricate marble.  Williams then thought to create her own versions of this with her favourite material, silicone.  This is where MarbleSil began.

Hannah Williams is a bespoke material design company that specialises in handmade marbled silicone products.



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