Hannah Williams as a brand is driven by sustainability, her approach when developing her masters’ collection was highly driven by no waste.  She moulded silicone, plaster and acrylic onto live models and re used the waste from the floor to re-create garments. This no waste policy has continued throughout the brands development and Williams continues this by re-using all the mixing pot waste and putting them into new designs such as terrazzo effect MarbleSil®.



Another product range that Hannah Williams has created is again driven by sustainability, this range Williams uses discarded carpet that would otherwise end up in landfill and re-creates a new hybrid material by incorporating her MarbleSil® onto the carpet.  This collaborative design allows the fibres from the carpet to be used as an easy application for wall covers and flooring.

Hannah Williams is a bespoke material design company that specialises in handmade marbled silicone products.




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